At Sana Meditech we believe that life is a better experience when we are packing it with technology and taking care of our own well-being health and our loved-ones. With our smart IoT homecare solutions we are here to take care of you and provide enjoyable rewarding experience with the help of IoT technologies and latest advancement in the homecare health devices. We are leveraging medical services at a distance with connected medical devices.




Hessam Habibian, CEO

Serial entrepreneur with solid experience in project management, strategy planning and data modelling with PhD in Quantum Physics.




Naeimeh Behbood, COO

Years of experience in project management and operation as product owner with experience in high tech photonics industries.n.


Siamak Zahedi, CMO

Expert in marketing strategy and executive and business administration with vast knowledge in big chain management.


Farid Valipour, CTO

Full-stack developer, VR/AR expert, developed more than 120 APPs, Gaming specialist and founder of several startups.


Arash Yazdani, CPO

Expert in business development and business opportunity and procurement, PhD in Telecommunication engineering.


Yolanda Puiggròs, Legal Advisor

Lawyer specialist i Healthcare & life science at Roca Junyent Abogados.


Daniel Llano, Digital Marketing Advisor

Founder of Twist and Marketing Professor at ESIC.


Pablo Loran, Medical Specialist Advisor

Physician & Director specialist at DAS Spain Insurance.


Jordi Rivera, Executive & Strategy Advisor

CEO at DAS Spain Insurance.


Lorena Toda, Health Marketing Advisor

Co-Founder and CEO of Shivver.