The fetal monitoring system

Sana Meditech is about to launch “The fetal monitoring system” that helps a mom-to-be to keep herself and her baby, healthy and risk-free.

Here is how the monitoring starts:
– The Mom-to-be monitors her fetus via a portable device at a distance.
– The device is connected to her smartphone Mobile App. The health of the fetus is measured, recorded and analyzed at the edge.
– At first sign of danger, triggered by the mom or the system itself, the professional emergency service call center is notified telematically and in real-time.
– The doctor reviews the case upon. In case, the mom-to-be is given all-clear, she receives the prescription on her mobile App immediately. or alerted if any precautionary check-up is required..

The remote fetal monitoring system is not only a peace of mind for expecting parents, but it’s a new advancement for Tele health service providers and health insurance companies.

Sana Meditech’s remote fetal monitoring and control for risk prevention helps decrease:
– The number of unnecessary physical emergency visits,
– Family, insurance and hospitals costs,
– Transport risk for pregnant women,
– And helps alleviate patient stress.

And in these uncertain pandemic times… can help both providers manage situations much easier.

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