Pulmonary infections

Lung Infections Detection
using Low-Risk Ultrasound

When a child has symptoms of a pulmonary disease, you want your child to get whatever medical tests as needed, as soon as possible. But when it comes to imaging tests such as X-rays, and CT scans, the key word is “needed”. Those tests use radiation that, if exposed to often enough, has been linked to a greater chance of getting cancer later in life.
We offer instead, detection of pulmonary diseases and lung infection with ultrasound imagery using real time Artificial Intelligence for Asthma, Pneumonia, Pneumothorax, COVID, Interstitial lung diseases.

How does our software detects pediatrics pathology?

The software is designed to detect certain preset metrics to diagnose different pathologies such as Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Pneumothorax, and COVID.

Lung Ultrasound Imagery & Intelligent Pathology Diagnostics

The physician conducts ultrasound imagery empowered with embedded intelligent software to recognize disease patterns in the imagery scan. The software identifies possible pathology(ies) in real-time and provides the diagnostic recommendation to the physician. Based on the smart algorithm’s recommendation and considering the clinical symptoms of the patient, the physician decides on further actions such as antibiotic prescriptions. This would avoid the necessity for a high-risk image scan such as an X-ray. It will cause peace of mind for everyone to repeat the process as frequently as needed.

Pediatric Lung Ultrasound (LUS)

the physician takes videos of the lung from different positions (anterior, posterior, and lateral) until the intelligent software provides a hint to stop. In this case, the physician is informed about ending the measurement and proceeding further on.

Automated lung infection detection procedure

Our approach; Diagnosis using computer vision and machine learning 

What are the advantages of our solution?

Empowering the low-risk ultrasound technology with our intelligent solution for pulmonary medical treatment provides peace of mind for parents and also an easy-to-use tool to support GPs and Emergency room personnel. Our solution also contributes positively to public and private healthcare systems and insurance companies by saving time for GPs, reducing unnecessary X-ray imaging procedures and avoiding future radiation exposure complications.

Competitive advantages

Proposed benefits of the medical service of SanaMeditech include Decision support system for treatment and medication prescription, avoiding unnecessary radiation exposure, automated feature and hence reduced diagnostic time, and an innovative solution for pediatric patients.

How does our DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM look like?